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The impact of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy, children and young people, and vulnerable groups (DaC-VaP-2) study.

About DaC-VaP-2

Find out more about the aims of DaC-Vap-2, why they are important, and how they will be accomplished.

Meet our team

Hear more about the DaC-VaP-2 team, from our researchers and analysts, to our operations and PPIE personnel.

Funders & Partners

A summary of our funders, partners and other contributing organisations.

Research publications

A summary of the publications members of the DaC-VaP-2 team have written or significantly contributed to. Whilst our research is now complete, several publications are either in press or works in progress.

Watch our webinar

DaC-VaP-2:National Data Assets & Opportunities for Collaboration across the UK Nations and Beyond

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