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National Core Studies - Data and Connectivity: COVID-19 Vaccines Pharmacovigilance (DaC-VaP). This study ran from January 2021 - October 2021 and is now complete.

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About DaC-VaP

Find out more about DaC-VaP's aims, how they will be achieved, and why they are important.

Meet our team

Find out more about DaC-VaP's team members, from researchers and analysts to PPI representatives.

Funders and Partners

A summary list of all the funders, partners and other organisations that supported and contributed to the DaC-VaP project.

Our Publications

Access all of DaC-VaP's research publications.

DaC-VaP's work has been, and continues to be, built upon by several follow-up studies.

Visit the DaC-VaP-2 research site

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