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The COVID-19 in Pregnancy in Scotland (COPS) study aims to find out how COVID-19 infection during pregnancy affects mothers and babies.

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Summary (Research in a nutshell)

COPS is providing population-based information for the whole of Scotland on the incidence of, and outcomes following, COVID-19 infection and COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy.




Key people

Name Role
Sarah Stock (co-lead)

Reader and subspecialist in Maternal and Fetal Medicine, University of Edinburgh and

Honorary Consultant, Public Health Scotland

Rachael Wood (co-lead)

Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Public Health Scotland; and

Honorary Reader, University of Edinburgh

Laura Hayes Senior Information Development Manager, Public Health Scotland


Read all about the COVID-19 in Pregnancy in Scotland study on the study website



Key publications

Outputs list on COVID-19 in Pregnancy in Scotland study website

Key Collaborators

The COPS project is linked to EAVE II. 

Find out more about EAVE-II on the study website

Partners and Funders

COPS is funded by Tommy’s charity (1060508; SC039280) and Public Health Scotland.

SJS is supported by Wellcome Trust (209560/Z/17/Z).

EAVE II is funded by the Medical Research Council (MR/R008345/1) with the support of BREATHE - The Health Data Research Hub for Respiratory Health [MC_PC_19004], which is funded through the UK Research and Innovation Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund and delivered through Health Data Research UK. Additional support has been provided through the Scottish Government DG Health and Social Care.


July 2020 - March 2023


Scientific themes

COVID-19, Pregnancy, Maternal, Neonatal, Perinatal, Coronavirus

Methodology keywords

Epidemiology, Data Science, Healthcare research, Data linkage