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Where next for digital tools in asthma care?

Given the potential of digital health to support asthma care, we need to increase the pace and scale of research and innovation, including evaluating implementation of evidence-based digital tools into standard clinical practice. Our research policy and practice brief on digital tools for asthma care gives recommendations based on evidence from the Centre for people with asthma, policy makers, healthcare professionals and asthma researchers.

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Published: April 2023

Contributors: Chan A1, Davies G2, De Simoni A3, Fletcher M4, Griffiths CJ3, Jankowska C4, Kinley E4, McKinstry B4, Pinnock H4, Ryan D4, Sheikh A4, Steed E3, Taylor S3 Uzzaman N1

1University College London, 2Swansea University, 3Queen Mary University of London, 4University of Edinburgh.

ISBN 978-1-912669-57-8

Our key recommendations for:

Watch our webinar: Where next for digital tools in asthma care?

On the 8th June 2023, we hosted a webinar discussing the vast array of digital tools for asthma. Monica Fletcher OBE, our Advocacy Lead chaired the discussion with our panelists: 

  • Sue Lang - an asthma patient who has different methods of managing her condition, including speaking to her GP in remote consultations
  • Bill Day - a volunteer lead of the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research's Patient and Public Involvement team who also has asthma
  • Professor Hilary Pinnock - a practicing GP and asthma researcher, who has seen the benefits of digital tools for asthma care, both for patients and for healthcare practitioners
  • Naomi Bennett-Steele - Innovation Partnerships Manager at Asthma + Lung UK who is focused on ensuring that the respiratory community is designing ‘with’ rather than just ‘for’ patients in respiratory research, product development and service design. 

Please note: The panelists are not visible during the conversation in this video.