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Tracy Jackson

Project: Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Patient and Public Involvement

Mid-Career Researcher overview

Project: Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research Patient and Public Involvement

Based at: University of Edinburgh


Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is essential in producing high-quality research that is of benefit to the people it impacts and at the Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research, we keep people impacted by asthma at the centre of all we do.

The Centre was a pilot site for the NIHR UK Standards for Public Involvement in Research and we continue to undertake best practice in PPI.  Working with PPI members, we have produced resources to guide PPI collaboration in research.  I contribute to research designs and grant applications, develop plain English summaries, create PPI strategies, provide guidance on meaningfully involving PPI in research, coordinate a range of PPI activities, and evaluate and measure the impact of PPI. 

I collaborate with PPI members to co-produce research that matters to people impacted by asthma.  Most recently this involved a project exploring older adults’ experiences of living with asthma for which we won 'Most Patient-Centred Poster' at the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS) Respiratory Conference in 2020.

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About me

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Tracy Jackson, Centre Patient and Public Involvement Lead and Senior Research Fellow

I lead on Patient and Public Involvement for the Centre and the flagship project IMPlementing IMProved Asthma self-management as RouTine.  I am also the PPI Respiratory Lead for the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh managing a team of PPI research and professional services staff and leading on PPI and Community Engagement and Involvement in a number of projects, units and centres.

I work with researchers to ensure patient, public and community members are meaningfully involved in research.  I have a background in health psychology and believe that Patient and Public Involvement is essential to producing high-quality health research that is relevant to the people it impacts.

Project: IMP2ART

NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Respiratory Health


Research Activity

Over 40 abstract presentations at national and international conferences (International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) World Conference; European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress; Primary Care Respiratory Society UK (PCRS-UK) Conference; Pioneering Partnerships Summit; International Population Data Linkage Network Conference) (2015-2023).


Many thanks to all the patients, public and community members who work together with us to ensure we produce research that is important to the people it impacts.

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