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Work in a lab? The Sustainability Awards can give you the framework to help push your place of work to be more sustainable and reward good practice already taking place.


The Lab Awards are designed for lab-based staff. The Lab Award Toolkit can be applied at any scale, from a single lab up to an entire building or research centre. It is up to each team to decide how large of an area to enter in the Lab Awards, and teams can enter at Bronze, Silver or Gold level.

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Taking part in the 2020/2021 Lab Awards

With many staff continuing to work from home, this year's Awards will look a little different. This year there is not a fixed timeline to take part and complete your chosen level, instead, we are inviting all teams to continue their participation at their own pace. As different parts of the University are facing varying challenges, both existing and new teams can sign up at any time, including when still working remotely.

Where lab-based staff have been able to return to their labs, we would encourage teams to continue to maintain and build on their sustainable practices. The Lab Awards criteria should still be achievable, and beneficial, for both new and returning teams, and of course are adaptable to all enhanced health and safety priorities.

Take the time now to sign up for this year's Awards, and get started on the actions that will help your team build back better for when you fully return to the lab.

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Working from Home Awards

If you are continuing to work remotely but want to continue making a positive impact, the Working from Home Awards are for you. Whether you are working from home entirely, or are split between home and the campus, the Working from Home Awards are designed to support your sustainability journey where-ever you are working.

Featuring an accessible range of actions open to both individuals and groups across the whole University, the Working from Home Awards can be completed at your own pace.

Using the new framework and guide below, you will choose and complete 10 criteria of your choice. You can choose a range of actions or focus on areas where you want to make the biggest impact. Once completed, use the short Working from Home checklist to tell us what you did and you'll receive recognition for your achievement.

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