Strategy 2030

Social and Civic Responsibility

Our vision is to make the world a better place, so we will ensure that our actions and activities deliver positive change locally, regionally and globally.

Two students from the Data Science workshop at Newbattle High School

Small changes to the way we work can make a big difference. We are going to reduce our climate impact, and buy locally when we can. We are going to support volunteering, build public engagement, and be a good and welcoming neighbour.

We can also make a difference to individuals and communities in a number of ways; from tackling climate change, global justice and water safety to sustainable food production, information security and the impacts of rare diseases.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals provide a meaningful and comprehensive manifesto to which we will contribute.

Our integral role in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal is part of our civic responsibility. We are collaborating with local schools, colleges and universities, public authorities, industrial and business partners, and governments, to support the City Region Deal’s ambition for Data-Driven Innovation and inclusive growth.

Working with partners, attracting investment, fuelling entrepreneurship and delivering inclusive growth are our City Region Deal aims.

We are finding innovative ways to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve global problems, with a focus on ethics in order to progress our excellence in this field and ‘do data right’. It is about helping people and businesses to build skills and jobs.

Jarmo Eskelinen, Director, Data-Driven Innovation Programme

Our Social and Civic Responsibility Delivery Plan (2020 to 2030) sets out how we will deliver positive change locally, regionally and globally. It focuses on three objectives: becoming a zero carbon and zero waste University; widening participation in higher education and supporting inclusion; and working together with local communities. It also explains how we will contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals.

In order to deliver positive change locally, our Community Plan (2020-2025) sets out 32 practical commitments we are making to our local communities.