Biodiversity Literacy Training

What is biodiversity? And why is important that we understand our impacts on ecosystems? This course is open to staff and students, and will help you build your understanding of biodiversity and ways to act positively to restore nature.

What do we mean by biodiversity literacy?

Biodiversity literacy is an awareness of impacts on biodiversity, and the ability and motivation to act positively to restore nature.​

The course will examine why biodiversity is so important to our existence, explore key concepts such as ecosystem services and identify the main drivers of biodiversity loss.

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How the training works

This course takes six hours for participants to complete. You must first complete the online module, which will form the foundation of our discussion and activities before you attend the interactive part of the training.

  • The online course takes between 60-90 minutes to complete, and forms the foundation for the interactive session.
  • The second part of the training is an interactive session which you will attend either in-person or online.

On completion of both elements of the course you will be given a form to complete.  You will then be issued with a certificate to confirm you have completed the course!

Biodiversity Literacy Training online module

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How does an understanding of biodiversity relate to your work or study?

Understanding biodiversity and our dependence on ecosystem services is becoming increasingly important for all industries, sectors and disciplines.

Following the COP15 Kunming-Montreal summit, a Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted with commitments to halt and reverse biodiversity loss to put nature on the path to recovery. It is very likely that the consideration of biodiversity challenges will play a role in everyone's future, through careers and individual activities too. 

Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework

Why take the training?

  • The training is an engaging, interactive and collaborative way to learn.
  • You will equip yourself with the facts and knowledge to make a nature positive change in your life and to positively influence those around you.
  • You will have the chance to share thoughts and ideas for how the University can become a more nature positive place.
  • Learners who complete the training will receive a certificate as evidence their understanding of key biodiversity concepts. This can be referenced on CVs and evidence learning and development.


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