University unveils new Adaptation Framework to become more climate-resilient

The Framework builds on the foundation laid out in the University of Edinburgh's Zero by 2040 Climate Strategy. It was presented at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference in May 2019.

The Adaptation Framework

Our vision

The University will become more climate-resilient, creating a sense of place on campuses and promoting well-being and biodiversity, as an integral part of the wider context of the city of Edinburgh.

The Framework describes a whole institution approach that can result in a more resilient, 'climate-ready' estate and acknowledges embeddedness in the city of Edinburgh.

It has been developed through the involvement of the University community, including academics, students and support groups, and with support from Adaptation Scotland. The Framework should be seen as evolving rather than static, changing with increased understandings of what adapting will mean within the University context.

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Aerial view central area

Climate change is happening now

Europe has experienced a faster increase in temperature than the global average in the last decade, with more frequent extreme weather events.

The EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change describes several ways that the climate is changing:

  • alterations of natural processes
  • patterns of precipitation
  • glacial melting
  • rising sea levels

Climate change in Scotland has already brought warmer, wetter autumns and winters and hotter summers. The consequences of climate fluctuations on the University of Edinburgh include risks to our physical estate, supply chains, and reputation, which are addressed in the new Adaptation Framework.

Our Climate Strategy

The University of Edinburgh's Climate Strategy addresses mitigation (reducing carbon emissions to help prevent further climate change): the University of Edinburgh has committed to becoming zero carbon by 2040.

The Climate Strategy also recognises the role of adaptation in such an approach (changing infrastructure and processes to anticipate and deal with the impacts of climate change).

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