Student Project Grant: 2018 recipients

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Student Project Grant 2018.

Veg patch and shovel

The Social Responsibility and Sustainability Student Project Grant, delivered annually in collaboration with Edinburgh University Students’ Association, provides funding of £500 for University students to develop and implement projects and initiatives that will promote sustainability awareness within the University. 

Following completion of the project, recipients will report back via a written report and a poster. They will also attend our Sustainability Awards event in March 2019. 

Find below a full outline of the 2018 Student Project Grant finalists.

Ascham Court- plant growing

The community garden will enable learning in gardening and food growing, and benefit residents from an active space to practice sustainability and reconnect people with green space. The plant garden will function as a central hub for exchanging sustainable practice ideas whilst educating students on food waste. 

Precious Plastic Edinburgh

Precious Plastic Edinburgh, in collaboration with the society Engineering 4 Change, will make plastic recycling machines to recycle plastic waste into everyday products. These will include everything from phone cases to art by using a 3D printer. They believe the future of this world lies in circular economies and our university should be the first to embrace this change.

Smoothie Bike

The Salisbury Court Sustainability Awards Team will design and build their own smoothie bike which can be used by all Residence Life sites to promote healthy eating and active travel. The bike will be functional as a bicycle as well as a smoothie maker so that it can be cycled between the venues.

Change, the conversation

This will be a student-led podcast focusing upon contemporary sustainability issues and their possible solutions. It is intended to engage young people with an interest in sustainability but who lack access and/or time to research topics in depth. Each episode will feature multiple interviews with relevant guests, as well as a call-to-action for the listener to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives and consider their environmental impacts as a consumer.

Brae House

This project will create design a small community vegetable/herb garden in an existing bed at Brae Houser Student accommodation.  The garden will provide a space for collaboration and learning and additionally a useful and sustainable source of fresh produce. By creating a functional community space, residents can get involved with sustainable food productions.  The garden will act as a central point in the courtyard for people to gather and build positive relationships  and will have a positive effect on students’ wellbeing.

R Sustainable Fashion Show 2019

The R Sustainable Fashion Show (RSFS) aims to investigate the link between the sciences and the arts through the theme of sustainability. It is a student-run thought-provoking fashion show, exhibition and showcase event. The event also provides a platform for student designers to showcase their work, and includes an exhibition space where local companies can present sustainable products.

Conscious Change Workshop

The project will include four workshops that teach people how to create everyday products in a sustainable manner from scratch; by reusing, combining and transforming materials. The materials and tools for every workshop will be provided and will be locally sourced. Students will be able to take a crafted product back home and use it to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle

Winds of Change: Engineering for Change

Winds of Change is comprised of a team of 30 students  who will build a 1kW wind turbine from scratch. Aiming to create a network of people passionate about wind energy will help students learn more about the industry as a whole, and promote further interest and innovation.  They’re also planning to host talks and other events on the subject of wind energy and finally documenting the project and making the design available online.


If you would like more information on any of these projects, or to be put in touch with the organisers, please contact Rachel Chisholm.

Rachel Chisholm

Project Coordinator: Student Engagement and Events

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  • Rachel joined the department in 2017 and is responsible for coordinating and delivering the Department's student experience projects and events outreach.
    Prior to this, Rachel worked as Project Manager on an EU funded ecosystem services project. Rachel was also the facilitator for the University of Edinburgh’s Global Environment & Society Academy and played a central role in transforming the Academy’s strategy into action via outreach activities across academic and student communities.