The University establishes international network to address business travel emissions

The Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability are leading a network of over 55 global institutions in a bid to address the growing emissions from business travel within higher education.

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Since 2012, the University’s business travel carbon emissions have increased by 83%.

These emissions totalled over 18,000 tonnes of CO2e in the 2017-18 academic year- the equivalent of launching in excess of 700 space shuttles. Of these emissions, over 90% were attributed to air travel, and yet air travel accounted for only 27.3% of journeys overall.

In order to achieve our target of zero carbon by 2040, it is critical that business travel emissions are reduced. A significant change in the way travel is viewed within the higher education sector is required.

The network is open to any higher education institution interested in addressing business travel within their setting. Currently, the network is developing a number of online workshops and discussion groups.

By working with a number of other institutions, we believe that there is a real opportunity to change behaviours in relation to travel within the higher education sector. Not only will this lead to a reduction in carbon emissions, such actions may have additional benefits to the health and wellbeing of University staff and students.

Sion PickeringProjects Coordinator


Read our staff and student guide to sustainable travel.


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