Undergraduate study - 2019 entry

Accepting your offer

What you need to do to accept your offer.

Photo of students at the School of Mathematics, the King's Buildings campus.

How to accept

Each college provides a step-by-step guide of what you need to do to accept an offer to study with us.

How you accept your offer will differ depending on which of our three colleges provides the programme you have applied for.

Which college?

To find out which college your degree programme is part of, you can check the email correspondence from the admissions office dealing with your application. You can also check our degree finder for your chosen programme.

Degree finder

Terms and Conditions of Admissions

Successful study at the University stems from a partnership between the University and our students. Underpinning this partnership, is a set of supportive regulations, policies and procedures that form the student contract, and include our Terms and Conditions of Admissions.

If you decide to apply to the University and are offered a place of study, please read our Terms and Conditions of Admissions before accepting our offer. You will find information relating to your offer, your rights as an applicant, what you can expect from the University, and what we expect of you. There are contact details within the Terms and Conditions should you have any questions.

Terms and conditions

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