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Submitting your qualification certificates

We verify your qualifications as part of your offer.

Students on campus

Certificates submitted before you apply

If you sent us certificates or other qualification documents before you applied, it may not be possible for us to match these to your UCAS application at a later date.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you provide all relevant information as part of the application process, even if you think it has been sent to us before you applied.

Qualifications you have already completed

If you accept our offer as your firm choice, please send us copies of any certificates for qualifications you have already obtained. Examples include:

  • SQA National 5
  • GCSE and IGCSE certificates
  • College Board or ACT transcripts (international applicants)
  • High school diploma or school leaving certificate (international applicants)

If you do not have certificates that list the relevant qualifications, please contact the qualification organisation to request replacements or ask your school or college to provide written confirmation of your subjects and grades.

Qualifications you have still to complete

Please check whether you need to let us know of any your results in any new qualifications or whether they will be sent to us directly by UCAS.​​

​SQA Highers, GCE A Levels, Irish Leaving Certificate, Welsh Baccalaureate, Pre-Us, and Singapore A-Levels

If you hold offers based on SQA Highers, GCE A Levels, the Irish Leaving Certificate, the Welsh Baccalaureate, Pre-Us, or Singapore A-Levels you do not need to send us your results as we will receive these automatically from UCAS.

International Baccalaureate

If you are an International Baccalaureate (IB) candidate, please ask your school IB Diploma Programme Coordinator to request that your results are sent to UCAS, so that we can receive these automatically.

International Baccalaureate: request results to be sent to UCAS

Other qualifications

If your results are not sent to us by UCAS, please send us copies of your certificates so that we can verify the results you have been asked to achieve in your offer.​

Check UCAS

Check the UCAS website to see whether your results will be sent to us automatically.

UCAS: automatically-notified results

International and European students

Certificates in languages other than English

Please provide authorised translations of all certificates that are written in languages other than English.

English language test results

Please provide copies of any English language test results.

US qualifications

If you have taken US exams such as Advanced Placements,

SAT subject tests, the SAT or the ACT test, please request that the College Board and/or ACT release your scores to us. Please release your previous scores as well as listing us as a receiving institution for any yet to be released. 


Please follow the instructions on the ACT Test Score webpage. Our institution number is 5390. 

ACT Test Scores

College Board SAT 

Please follow the instructions on the Sending SAT Scores webpage. Our institution number is 0917.   

Sending SAT Scores

College Board AP 

Please follow the instructions on the AP Scores webpage. Our institution number is 0917.

AP Scores


If you are an EU or international applicant, please also send us a scanned copy of your passport to help us process your visa application.

Adult returners

If you are an adult returner, please send us copies of any recent qualifications. In most cases you do not need to send copies of qualifications that were obtained more than five years ago. However, these are required if you are applying for the MBChB Medicine.

What is the deadline for sending my certificates?

If you hold an offer from the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and/or the College of Science & Engineering, or for Biomedical Sciences or Medical Sciences, please submit copies of all of your requested certificates (existing qualifications and results not sent to us by UCAS) within 10 working days of publication of your results or by 31 August 2025, whichever is earlier.

If you hold an offer for MBChB Medicine or Veterinary Medicine you will receive separate information on deadlines for submitting your certificates.

How to send us your certificates

Upload to MyEd

You can upload scanned certified copies of your certificates by responding to the request in MyEd. After you have logged in, under the ‘my applications’ tab, you will see your ‘outstanding actions’ list. 


We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of your certificates.

Emailing us certificates

If you are unable to upload your certificates to your application you can email us scanned or photographed certified copies.

Email: futurestudents@ed.ac.uk

Make sure your email includes: 

  • your UCAS identification number, or 

  • your University of Edinburgh Universal User Name (UUN) 

If you can't email us please use our online enquiry form to let us know and we can discuss alternative ways of sending the information. 

Submit an enquiry

Submitting a complete and accurate application

Before you submit your application, you should make sure that all your information is complete and accurate.

Submitting a complete and accurate application

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