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'How-to' online information sessions

Our online 'How-to' information sessions are a great way to prepare to join the University of Edinburgh with practical information shared from a variety of professional support services. 

Starting your degree will be both exciting and challenging.  These short bite-sized 'How-to' online sessions help you connect with professional support staff and discover key information relevant to starting your student journey at the University of Edinburgh, including how to meet people, how to settle in, or how to get used to academic work at University level. 

Our 'How-to' online sessions are designed to provide you with all the information you need to help start your University journey in Edinburgh.  These 30-minute sessions will include a 10-15 minute presentation, with time for you to ask questions at the end

*Please note that your microphone and camera will not be required during these sessions as you will be typing your questions into a chat text box for the presenters.


Sessions will take place on the following dates, all GMT UK times and are open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students:

  • Friday 7th January 2022
  • Tuesday 11th January 2022


Our online information sessions include talks on 'How-to' - 

  • How-to travel around Edinburgh 
  • How-to get the most out of your student association
  • How-to support your Wellbeing with Heritage and Culture
  • How-to use and understand the marking system for your work

and much more!

On-demand 'How-to' sessions

We also have lots of useful pre-recorded videos for you to watch now. If you join a live session, please note these will be recorded and the presentation element will be uploaded onto the on-demand page/s.

Our professional support staff provide contact us details during these session so you can get in touch with them if you have any follow-up questions after watching the recording. 

How-to on-demand videos- watch now

Sign-up for How-to sessions


How-to On-demand videos - watch now

On-demand how-to image
Access recorded How-to presentations from professional support services across the university, to help you get prepared for University.

How to sign up to a 'How-to' session

Get the most out of our live 'How-to' sessions by signing up in advance, finding out more about how to sign up to 'How-To' sessions that interest you, and finding out what's involved on the day.

How to take part in a 'How-to' session

Information about the online platform and what to expect from a How-To session

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