Online Students

Getting started

There are some essential tasks that every student studying online must complete at the start of your studies.

You will need to start addressing all of the following tasks before you commence your online degree and will complete each one after you begin your studies. Each task is explained below with further information about how to complete them.

Get connected to the University systems

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Get connected to access your email, virtual learning environment, and much more by logging in and getting familiar with various University systems.

Virtual learning environment

Throughout your studies you will be using a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Learn or Moodle. These online learning platforms allow course materials to be shared online with you as well as supporting collaboration and assessment activities.

Complete the matriculation process

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Matriculation is the process by which you officially enrol at the University. There are a few steps that online students need to complete in order to be fully matriculated.

Confirm your attendance

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Confirming your attendance involves letting the University know that you are enrolled and ready to go.

Make arrangements to pay your tuition fees

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In order to be fully matriculated, you need to arrange payment of your tuition fees. Here you'll find links to information that will help you complete this step.

Apply for and receive your University student card

Your University student card serves as your official student ID, your library card, as well as identification to benefit from various ‘student discounts’.