Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills and enhance your CV. Find out about the many opportunities to volunteer in Edinburgh and beyond including volunteering in the UK and overseas.

Volunteering in Edinburgh

Students' Association Volunteering offer advice, support, funding and resources as well as a huge variety of volunteering opportunities on their volunteering system and via student-led volunteering groups.  You can also set up your own project or group through us!

Students' Association Volunteering

Volunteering in the UK and overseas

The Careers Service also provides resources, support and advice to help you find volunteering opportunities in Edinburgh, elsewhere in the UK and overseas.  This includes links to volunteering databases where you can search for volunteering opportunities, plus advice on fundraising and other practicalities:

Careers Service resources and advice on volunteering

The Edinburgh Award

If you're doing volunteer work you might be eligible to do the Edinburgh Award, the University's award scheme that gives you recognition for your achievements outside of your degree programme. Find out more about the Edinburgh Award and whether you're eligible on the Edinburgh Award website:

Find out more about the Edinburgh Award