The Insights Programme

Insights in person - Torben

Torben met with students to share his experiences of working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Find out why he would recommend the Insights Programme to other alumni.

A photo of Torben Rankine.

Why did you want to get involved with the Insights programme?

It sounded like a positive and impactful initiative and this was a chance to reconnect with the University and give back, as well as getting to know the students.

What experiences did you offer students?

I teamed up with another alumni working in the legal field and we hosted an open conversation around out time at Edinburgh and out different career paths post University. After a round of introductions around the room we talked about each of our companies and our roles as well as our career paths and how we ended up in the Bay Area.

A highlight of the experience was getting to understand what is important to students and what they feel is missing in their education and training up to this point.

What have you gained from taking part?

I reflected on my own journey at Edinburgh and the impact of my decisions throughout my career. I also got to meet a number of smart and interesting students who I look forward to staying in contact with.

What would you say to others thinking of getting involved as a host?

Absolutely! My pitch would be around the opportunity to give back, build an alumni network in the Bay Area, and learn more about the current standing of the University of Edinburgh and its students.