The Insights Programme

Insights in person - Steve

Philosophy and Politics student Steve spent 5 days at the Scottish Government as part of his Insights experience. Find out what he learned.

Why did you apply to the Insights programme?

It gave me something productive and positively different to do during my summer months.

Give us an example of what your Insight involved?

Office for the Secretary of State for Scotland, a ministerial department of the UK government. Alumni's job role was 'Deputy Director, Policy Delivery and Relationship Management'. We performed a series of tasks in relation to an imagined scenario of receiving a proposal for private investment to create a new whisky visitor centre somewhere in Scotland. Tasks included deciding upon a location, creating an advertising campaign, and writing a press release.

How will this experience influence you/your choices in the future?

It makes me want to find a suitable apprenticeship for next summer - something that previously hadn't entered my head. It also made me realise my career interests do not crossover with the civil service.

What advice would you give to future participants? 

This opportunity is an absolute privilege, Make every hour count. Ask questions of everyone as you may have to wait a very long time to have this kind of access to anything like this again.