The Insights Programme

Insights in person - Jamain

Film Studies graduate Jamain tells us more about why she invited students to visit the data analytics firm she works for in Hong Kong.

Edinburgh graduate in the Meadows

Why did you want to get involved in Insights?

I wanted to get involved in Insights because I personally feel that studying at University and working in society are totally different experiences. I thought Insights would be a great way to give students a chance to look for their career interest in an earlier stage.

What experience did you offer our students?

To provide an overview of the industry and the post I’m working in, I arranged a session for the students to hear from myself and two of my colleagues who work in other departments, and invited our Chief Operating Officer to give a brief introduction about big data and marketing fields. We also shared our own stories, from our studies to career, as we also come from different backgrounds and have earned varied experience. We ended the session with a small food reception so the students could enjoy local Hong food, while talking to other colleagues informally.

What were the highlights of the experience?

We had such a good time at the food reception we had with the students, talking informally not just about their career interest but also their student life in Edinburgh. I do believe casual talk can work much better than a formal sharing session when it comes to bringing insights for them.

What did you gain from taking part?

The Insights Programme gave me the chance to speak with students. Even though I graduated not long ago, I still find there’s a possible generation gap between myself and current students, so it was very insightful for me to talk to them and know about what they think. It was also a good platform for me to connect with my alma mater again.

Would you encourage other alumni to get involved as Insights hosts?

I would definitely encourage them to get involved as it is a good opportunity not just share your own insights and experience with others, but also to take the chance to learn from each other – it is a two-way communication!