Student Systems

Degree Programme Tables

Use our Degree Programme Table (DPT) software to create, amend and maintain DPTs in EUCLID.

An Overview: Degree Programme Tables

View an overview of the EUCLID Degree Programme Table (DPT) workflow, including the process and timetable for creating and amending your school DPTs within the Academic year.

Key points

View key points to remember when managing your Degree Programme Table (DPTs) within EUCLID, including rollover dates, the course seeding timetable, and the publication of the Degree Regulations and Programme of Study (DRPS) details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

View our responses to your frequently asked questions about Degree Programme Tables within EUCLID.


View our guidance on retrieving a Degree Programme Table (DPT) within EUCLID, to view or amend DPTS, including a quick programme search, and a broader school, or programme level search.


View our guidance on navigating a Degree Programme Table (DPT) structure within EUCLID, including the group intrays for creating new DPTs, and the display of compulsory and elective courses by the years of the DPT.

Amending Degree Programme Tables (DPTs)

View guidance on editing your Degree Programme Table (DPT) as a DPT Editor within EUCLID, including converting your DPT to an unstructured format, editing DPT notes, reordering course display, adding and removing compulsory courses, and adding and removing elective course choice blocks and rules within your DPT.

Creating Degree Programme Tables (DPTs)

View guidance on creating a new Degree Programme Table (DPTS) within EUCLID, including copying an existing DPT, creating a structure form a template, or following the case study examples taken from typical DPT made across the University.

Core course rules

View guidance on the use of the EUCLID course enrollment rules within the Degree Programme Table (DPT) software.

Open and closing Degree Programme Tables (DPTs)

View our guidance on opening or activating a new Degree Programme Table (DPT), or closing an old DPT within EUCLID.

Course Collections

View guidance on the course collections available for you to use within your Degree Programme Tables (DPTs) within EUCLID, including courses collected by school, subject and programme, and how you can create your own programme course collection or request a change or create a course collection.