Sport & Exercise


TRX Training Day at the Pleasance on Sat 30 March

There will be a number of taster sessions on throughout the day however, spaces are limited so please book at reception to secure your spot.

The sessions are free of charge, 30mins in length and give a brief (but concise) look into each topic. They will be a lot of fun and accessible to all but aimed at those who coach or teach. 

Free Sessions Schedule:

11:30-12:00: Understanding how to Plank and Plank Variations - Looking at correct and effective bodyweight plank technique then progressions using dynamic movement, the suspension trainer and other functional kit.  This session would be very useful for any coach interested in improving core strength and looking at new interesting ways of challenging their athletes/clients. 

12:30-13:00: Incorporating TRX into Strength Programming - Looking at how the suspension trainer can aid athletes and coaches in improving SQUAT, DEADLIFT AND OVERHEAD PRESS. Ollie Jessop is the trainer for this session and this is his area of expertise so take this rare opportunity to quiz him. 

13:30-14:15: TRX Conditioning Circuit - 45 minute suspension trainer and functional kit workout. Aimed at general conditioning using functional movements. This session will be a challenging workout and the chance to take part in a session ran by experienced coaches affiliated with a world leading brand. Everyone loves conditioning workout… 

15:00-15:30: TRX GLUTE AND CORE Workshop - A close look at exercises related to the core and glutes with the aim of improving posture, building a strong posterior chain and improving performance. Glute training is a trending topic and of interest to those interested in the athletic and the aesthetic. 

16:00-16:30: Understanding how to Plank and Plank Variations – same session as described above 

17:00-17:30: Incorporating TRX into Strength Programming – same session as described above 

18:00-18:45: TRX Conditioning Circuit - same session as described above