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Highlighted Publications

Quasispecies evolution of the prototypical genotype 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus early during in vivo infection is rapid and tissue specific

Zen Lu, Xinglong Wang, Alison Wilson, Daniel LW Dorey-Robinson, Alan Archibald, Tahar Ait-Ali, Jean-Pierre Frossard Archives of Virology Vol: 162 Pages: 2203-2210 Aug 2017

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Lawsonia intracellularis exploits β-catenin/Wnt and Notch signalling pathways during infection of intestinal crypt to alter cell homeostasis and promote cell proliferation

Yang W Huan, Rebecca J Bengtsson, Neil MacIntyre, Jack Guthrie, Heather Finlayson, Sionagh H Smith, Alan L Archibald, Tahar Ait-Ali PLoS ONE Vol: 12 21 Mar 2017

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Precision engineering for PRRSV resistance in pigs: Macrophages from genome edited pigs lacking CD163 SRCR5 domain are fully resistant to both PRRSV genotypes while maintaining biological function

Christine Burkard, Simon Lillico, Elizabeth Reid, Ben Jackson, Alan J. Mileham, Tahar Ait-Ali, Christopher Whitelaw, Alan Archibald Plos pathogens Vol: 13 23 Feb 2017

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Distinct functional enrichment of transcriptional signatures in pigs with high and low IFN-gamma responses after vaccination with a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV)

Tahar Ait-Ali, Ivan Díaz, Ferran Soldevila, Esmeralda Cano, Yanli Li, Alison D Wilson, Bruno Giotti, Alan L Archibald, Enric Mateu, Laila Darwich Veterinary Research Vol: 47 Pages: 104 20 Oct 2016

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Combining Laboratory and Mathematical Models to Infer Mechanisms Underlying Kinetic Changes in Macrophage Susceptibility to an RNA Virus

Andrea Wilson, Alison Wilson, Jens Nielsen, Hans Nauwynck, Alan Archibald, Tahar Ait-Ali BMC Systems Biology Vol: 10 22 Oct 2016

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Lawsonia intracellularis infection of intestinal crypt cells is associated with specific depletion of secreted MUC2 in goblet cells

Rebecca J. Bengtsson, Neil Macintyre, Jack Guthrie, Alison D. Wilson, Heather Finlayson, Oswald Matika, Ricardo Pong-wong, Sionagh H. Smith, Alan L. Archibald, Tahar Ait-ali Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology Vol: 168 Pages: 61-67 15 Nov 2015

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