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Name Role Business unit(s)
Dr Karen Barrie Lecturer
Alice Barrier Business Development Manager
Professor Judith Barringer Professor of Greek Art and Archaeology
Nicolás Barry
Yahya Barry Feeling at Home and Seeing the Other Side: Muslim Responses to Right Wing Populism in the UK and Scandinavia. A Case of Four Cities
Professor Hans M Barstad Emeritus Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Studies
Grayson Bartels (he/him)
Benedek Bartha Human Testing Technician
Dr Angela Bartie Senior Lecturer; Scottish History
Dr Becky Bartlett Teaching Fellow in Film Exhibition and Curation
Ella Bartlett
Dr Barbara Bartocci Research Funding Specialist
Anna Barton Clinical Research Fellow
Rachael Barton SRS Projects Coordinator
Rosie Baruah
Thomas Baruzzi PhD Philosophy
Professor Hasan Yucel Basdemir Academic Visitor
Dr Francesca Baseby Research Services Manager
Dave Baskill Senior Project & Programme Manager | Educational Design and Engagement | Learning, Teaching and Web Services, ISG
Johanna Basnak PhD Linguistics & English Language