Thomas Baruzzi

PhD Philosophy

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40 George Square, School of PPLS PhD Space (Floor 6)

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T. Baruzzi began his studies in Physics at the Honors College of Stony Brook University, then switched over to the Cognitive Science undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, graduating First with Honours. He did his MA in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam and is currently a PhD researcher and candidate in Philosophy and Black Male Studies back at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Prof. Tommy J. Curry.

He has lived in Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, the United States, Scotland, Wales and the Netherlands. His personal interests include a range of combat and board sports and, in particular, salsa and bachata latin dances.

Undergraduate teaching

  • Tutor for "Introduction to History of Philosophy"
  • PPLS Skills Centre Tutor

Research summary

T. Baruzzi's current research interests analyze the role of silence(s) in the life especially of the racialized male and how this informs our assumptions of patriarchy, the contemporary gender reversals in the white supremacist project, and the application of Black Male Studies to the Italian context. 


Baruzzi, T. (2023). Can('t) the Black male speak? A study of the silences that beset him and the gendered vulnerabilities they reveal. UvA Scripties.

Baruzzi, T. (2022). Futile even when it’s not: Alika Ogochukwu was a Black male and murdered because of it. Cimedart, vol. 53, issue 1. Retrieved from

Baruzzi, T. (2022). Rough sex as oppressive towards (wo)men: A study of the dominance behind western Women’s submissiveness (Order No. 29322344). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global; Publicly Available Content Database. (2729045608). Retrieved from

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