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Name Role Business unit(s)
Katie Baynham
Joel Bazira
Sara Bea Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Simon Beames Honorary Fellow
Anezka Beamish Leskovcova Project Administrator
Dr Tim Bean Research Fellow
Dr Iona Beange Knowledge Exchange & Impact Officer; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow; Teaching Fellow MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement
Kirstin Beard Veterinary Nurse - Ward based
Pip Beard Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator
Andrew Bease Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ani Beaton Administrator
Professor Cordelia Beattie Professor of Women's and Gender History; Medieval and Early Modern Britain
Laura Beattie Engagment Officer (Communities)
Laura Beattie The Politics of Household in Shakespeare's Comedies
Eric J Beck Phd Candidate in New Testament & Christian Origins
Katie Beckmann Lecturer in Wildlife Health & Conservation Medicine
Barbara Becnel (PhD student)
Emma Becucci Contracts Officer
Sian Bedford
Jon Beer Manager of Student Administration