Dr Iona Beange (PhD Neuroscience)

Knowledge Exchange & Impact Officer; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow; Teaching Fellow MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement


Dr Iona Beange is a Knowledge Exchange Officer at the University of Edinburgh, who has worked in public engagement for over 15 years, across a broad range of topics. She is currently working on Horizon 2020 project CoMorMent, which looks at the interactions between cardiovascular disease and mental illness. 

She has a second role as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow with Sinead Rhodes, where she is working on an adaptation of the EPIC materials (Edinburgh Psychoeducation Intervention for Children and Young People) suitable for children who have just joined the waiting list for neurodevelopmental disorders. 

Iona also teaches on the MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement at the University of Edinburgh.  


PhD Neuroscience

BSc Honours Biomedical Sciences

Postgraduate teaching

MSc in Science Communication

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