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Contribute to our research by taking part in an experiment

Our academic staff and postgraduate students conduct a wide range of active research programmes into mind and behaviour, within our various research specialisms.

Research areas

These projects would not be possible without the members of the public who volunteer to take part in the research. Our volunteers gain a useful understanding of how psychology research takes place, and learn some interesting and encouraging facts about themselves and how the human mind works.

How you can take part

If you're a member of the public

We keep a list of volunteers who are invited to come to the department and participate in relevant research studies. It's also sometimes possible to make direct arrangements to participate in certain studies -  any current studies that allow people to book directly are listed below. Please note that many research projects are unable to offer direct booking, so to maximise your opportunities to volunteer you should also join the panel.

Make a direct booking

There are currently no studies accepting direct bookings.

Join the volunteer panel

To join the Volunteer Panel please enrol using the following link:

The Volunteer Panel

If you're a student at the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

To book directly to take part in some of our studies:

Student Volunteer Panel (If you are a student participating for Year 1 credit).

Ethics and privacy

All research takes place under very strict ethical guidelines. Personal information about our volunteers is treated in strict confidence; no-one except the researcher ever gets to know people’s results from our studies. Our scientific results are always communicated in print in such a form that it is impossible to identify information about any particular individual. Volunteers may withdraw from the research at any time without giving a reason.

If you require a PDF document in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact the Undergraduate Teaching Office or email (for Psychology enquiries).


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To join the panel, contact the Participant Research Co-ordinator, Psychology, School of Philosophy Psychology and Language Sciences.

Participant Research Co-ordinator

  • School of Philosophy Psychology and Language Sciences
  • University of Edinburgh

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