Research seminars and reading groups

Regular meetings to discuss research, books, and papers

Psychology seminar series

High-profile invited talks on current topics in psychology

PPLS interdisciplinary seminar series

Meets between 3-6 times a year to host speakers of an international calibre

Human cognitive neuroscience seminars

Presentations and discussions of research into human cognitive neuroscience in typical and atypical populations

Edinburgh aphasia interest group

Bringing together researchers, students, speech and language therapists, and other individuals working with aphasia

Psycholinguistics coffee

Informal meeting to discuss psycholinguistics research

Philosophy, psychology and informatics group (PPIG)

We aim to gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the threads that bind the human mind and the world

Cognitive ageing journal club

Discussing recent findings in cognitive ageing and cognitive epidemiology

Individual differences journal club

Discuss recent findings in personality, intelligence, and applied social science

Psychology statistics group

An informal and multidisciplinary group of psychology researchers who are interested in statistics

Social psychology journal club

Regular meetings to discuss recent work on all aspects of social psychology