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An overview of our world-leading research in psychology

  • Psychology at Edinburgh brings together world-class researchers approaching the scientific study of mind and behaviour through a range of topics - from language development to dementia, personality to paranormal beliefs.
  • Our research environment is rated as 100% conducive to producing world-leading research, and 81.5% of our research is rated as outstanding in terms of its reach and significance (REF 2014).

  • The department benefits from a vibrant postgraduate community and strong interdisciplinary links with colleagues in medicine, informatics, linguistics, education, biology, and public health.

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A selection of current and recent research projects in psychology

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Alzheimer Scotland Dementia Research Centre; Koestler Parapsychology Unit; Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture & Society

Impact and public engagement

We produce world-class research with many applications relevant to individuals and society

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