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PPLS students shortlisted for Student Awards

Students from Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences have secured 6 nominations in 5 categories at the Student Awards 2019

UPDATE: PPLS won 2 awards including the Student Staff Partnership Award for the project 'Coaching for Academic Success and Wellbeing' and Psychology student Laura Boxleitner won the Student Leadership Award.

Congratulations to our students who have been shortlisted in the Student Awards 2019,  a celebration of incredible student achievements across the University of Edinburgh organised by the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA).

Out of 13 award categories, PPLS students (with staff in the Student Staff Partnership Award) have secured 6 nominations in 5 categories.

Student Staff Partnership Award

Student-staff partnership project team (Laura Boxleitner, Alex Weiss, Elina Takala, Ben Marder, Kasia Banas)
Coaching for Academic Success and Wellbeing project team

Two projects from the School of PPLS are shortlisted in this award category, which recognises successful collaborative projects between staff and students.

Coaching for Academic Success and Wellbeing (winner)

The student-staff partnership includes Elina Takala (4th-year MA Psychology and Business student), Laura Boxleitner (4th-year MA Psychology student), Kasia Banas (Senior Teaching Coordinator in Psychology), Alex Weiss (Senior Lecturer in Psychology) and Ben Marder (Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Business School).

The project involved making coaching available for more 4th-year University students to help them cope better with academic, professional and personal pressures.

Two Philosophers, One Podcast, No Problems!

The student-staff partnership includes Liv Coombes (1st-year Philosophy PhD student), Elliott Gruzin (4th-year MA Philosophy student), Isabella Melking (Communications Coordinator in PPLS), Madeleine Beveridge (Knowledge Exchange and Impact Manager in PPLS) and Jamie Bathgate (Computing and Studio Support Officer in PPLS).

The project involved setting up a philosophy pop culture podcast to help make philosophy more accessible to the wider public.

Two Philosophers, One Podcast, No Problems | Listen on Spotify

Philosophy podcast takes off in student-staff partnership project 

Student Leadership Award (winner)

Laura Boxleitner (4th-year MA Psychology student) is shortlisted for this award which recognises student(s) who have contributed to the student community, creating an inclusive environment in their activities as a Student Leader. 

Laura is nominated for going above and beyond in the role of School Representative for PPLS.

Place for All Award

Students with Refugees cooking class event with 4 refugees and 20 students
Students with Refugees cooking class

Violet Tinnion (4th-year MA Philosophy student) is shortlisted in this award category which recognises student(s) who have contributed to creating a vibrant, inclusive, respectful environment on campus. 

Violet organised 'Students with Refugees' events to dispel myths surrounding refugees and asylum seekers, including a cooking class where 4 refugees taught 20 students to cook 4 different dishes from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Bolivia and Pakistan.

She also organised a Saturday evening lecture with the same 4 refugees and a representative from the Scottish Refugee Council, which had over a hundred attendees.

Creating Change Award

Elina Takala (4th-year MA Psychology and Business student) is shortlisted in this award category which recognises student(s) that have made significant, positive changes in the University or wider community. 

Elina is nominated for her hard work and commitment as Programme Representative for 4th-year Psychology.

Contribution to the Local Community Award

Hannah Butterworth (4th-year MA Psychology student) is shortlisted for this award recognising student(s) who have made a significant contribution to our local community outside the University. 

Hannah is nominated for volunteering with Age Scotland’s Community Connecting Service.

Spotlight on Hannah Butterworth | Edinburgh University Students' Association

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Watch the Student Awards Shortlist video below or visit EUSA's website for a full list of nominations:

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