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PPLS Staff to wow the crowds at the Fringe Festival

Five colleagues will perform in The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas.

PPLS are pleased to announce the following CoDI performances coming your way in August:

Has your phone replaced your brain?

How exactly does your mind extend across brain, body and beyond? One way is through your phone. We are all out of our heads, argues Dr Miranda Anderson, and we always have been.

Everyone lies to us

Politicians, advertisers, social media: everyone is lying to us. Worse, sometimes they're not exactly lying, but they’re misleading us. Dr Chris Cummins explains how linguistics, for once in its miserable existence, can help.

Too many languages?

Bilingual, trilingual, quadrilingual, pentalingual... Professor Antonella Sorace asks does your brain change for the better the more languages you know? (And, by the way, do MONOlinguals still exist?).

Old dogs need new tricks

Dr Thomas Bak asks is learning only for the young? Or can we learn all our lives? Can learning new things in later life be not only fun, but a key to brain and mental health and wellbeing? 

You can’t say that

Have you ever read an unfamiliar word and thought, “I can’t say that!”? Speaking is so familiar and natural that it almost feels effortless, but sometimes it can seem impossible to say a certain word or make a certain sound. What is happening with your lungs and tongue when you say something like ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’? How much control do you have over them anyway? Why are tongue twisters so hard? Is it possible to speak without breathing? Are any words actually impossible to say? Dr Rebekka Puderbaugh uncovers whether, actually, you can say that!

Has your phone replaced your brain? Miranda Anderson Friday 4th August & Monday 7th August
Everyone Lies to Us Chris Cummins Thursday 17th August & Friday 25th August
Too Many Languages? Antonella Sorace Thursday 17th August & Friday 25th August
Old Dogs New Tricks Thomas Bak Monday 21st August & Sunday 27th August
You Can’t Say That Rebekka Puderbaugh Thursday 24th August

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