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UoE Leadership and Management Programmes

The University offers three levels of leadership and management development.

Find out more about the Aspiring Manager, the Edinburgh Manager and the Edinburgh Leader programmes and secure your place on the next intake.

The Aspiring Manager:  for staff who are not in a management role but demonstrate the potential and motivation to develop into one 

The Edinburgh Manager: for staff who are people managers across all areas of the University

The Edinburgh Leader: for staff with significant leadership responsibilities including setting the strategic direction of their work area 


The Aspiring Manager, The Edinburgh Manager and The Edinburgh Leader aim to develop your leadership and management skills.

The programmes provide opportunities for self-reflection on your values and behaviours to foster authenticity in your approach to management and leadership.  

They also create opportunities for collaboration and connection amongst the management and leadership community to address shared challenges together, learn from each other and with each other.

There is a strong focus on self-directed learning, blended with online workshops and discussion groups to build leadership and management networks across the organisation.

You can find details of each programme’s aims and structure on the relevant programme page below.

The Aspiring Manager

The Aspiring Manager provides a framework to develop core management skills and behaviours to set aspiring managers up for success in future management roles.

The Edinburgh Manager

The Edinburgh Manager provides a framework to develop the skills and behaviours required of managers. It also encourages and enables participants to network with managers across the University.

The Edinburgh Leader

The Edinburgh Leader provides a framework to develop the skills and behaviours required of a strategic leader. It also gives an opportunity to grow your network with other University of Edinburgh leaders.


Development options for those not attending a programme

Any questions about the programmes should be raised with Talent and Development team.

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