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Leadership and Management Development

The University offers three levels of leadership and management development through digital learning pathways. We also support attendance on the Aurora programme, offered by Advance HE.

Leadership & Management Programmes

The University offers three levels of leadership and management development programmes:

•The Aspiring Manager: for staff who are not in a management role but demonstrate the potential and motivation to develop into one 

•The Edinburgh Manager: for staff who are people managers across all areas of the University

•The Edinburgh Leader (previously Senior Leadership Programme): for staff with significant leadership responsibilities including setting the strategic direction of their work area 


All programmes aim to produce positive role models committed to delivering courageous, authentic and inclusive leadership and management for the benefit of all in the University through supporting the following themes:

  • Know yourself: understand yourself as a manager: your style, your strengths, the shadow you cast
  • Know your context: understand your role and how this fits in the University to deliver strategy 2030; understand the system and awareness of self in that system, what management is required
  • Know your goals: bringing together your strengths and context, identify your focus for development and form steps toward achieving your individual goals and departmental goals aligned to strategy 2030

The programmes support participants to identify their individual learning objectives and tailor their development accordingly.

There is a strong focus on self-directed learning, blended with online workshops and discussion groups to build leadership and management networks across the organisation.

Content in each element has been designed to reflect key organisational priorities e.g. change management, enabling performance, embedding our values and creating a community of leaders and managers.

Full details of each programme’s aims and objectives are on the relevant programme landing page.

Accessing the Programmes

Nominations are now open for Semester 1 and 2 entry points. If you are interested in being nominated for one of these programmes you should discuss it with your line manager in the first instance and then complete the online form available on the nominations page.


Aspiring Manager Programme

The Aspiring Manager provides a framework to develop core management skills and behaviours to set aspiring managers up for success in future management roles.


Advance HE's initiative for women and those who identify as a woman, prior to taking their first significant step up to a leadership role.

The Edinburgh Manager (previously Introduction to Leadership)

The Edinburgh Manager provides a framework to develop the skills, knowledge and self-awareness required of managers. It also encourages and enables participants to network with managers across the University.

The Edinburgh Leader (previously Senior Leadership Programme)

The Edinburgh Leader provides a framework to develop the skills, knowledge and self-awareness required of a strategic leader. It also gives an opportunity to grow your network with other University of Edinburgh leaders. 

External Leadership Programmes Guide (secured)

The following guide provides an overview of external leadership programmes available in 2020.

Nomination Information 2020/21

Leadership & Management Programmes Nomination Information 2020/21


Development options for those not attending a programme

Any questions about the programme should be raised with Learning and Development team.

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