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The HR Community comprises four business facing teams supporting each of the three Colleges and the Professional Services Groups and a central team of functional specialists (UHRS) with expertise in employee and union relations and employment policy (including compliance), equality and diversity, reward, systems and management information, resourcing and learning and development. The HR Executive, which oversees the People Strategy and People Plan, includes the Heads of the four business facing teams together with the HR Director and three Deputy Directors from UHRS.

Contact details for the College/Professional Services Groups HR teams and University HR Services

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Human Resources (HR) Strategy

Ensuring a high performance culture by supporting all staff to realise their full potential as direct contributors to the success of the University.


How we work and what we do

The devolved HR departments provide strategic and operational HR services to each College and to the University’s Professional Services Support Groups.

University HR Services provide strategic HR leadership and HR services and infrastructure to the University as a whole, and to the senior team.


Facts and figures

The University staff population by Colleges and Professional Services Groups.


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If you require any information on the Human Resources website in an alternative format, such as large print or a coloured background, please contact the Business Support Team in University HR Services.

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