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These are cookies that are not essential, but they enhance your use of our website.

Cookie name(s)
ed_accept_cookies, show_geos_ln
Data stored
These cookies store information in text strings, i.e. youtube00, vimeo, y
When does it expire?
All cookies expire 4 years after they 're set for the first time
These cookies store information regarding user consent on loading specific features which then set third party cookies e.g. YouTube videos. This consent is requested on the first time the user loads a page which uses a relevant feature. It is then stored for reference during future visits to the University of Edinburgh website.

Additional cookies

Some areas of the University (typically those publishing websites under a subdomain - www.something.ed.ac.uk - and those offering secure services) may use additional cookies.

Details of these cookies and information about how you can block them are detailed on each site. Look for a link at the foot of each page labelled ‘Privacy and cookies’.