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Legal information

Learn more about the legal basis for contract and consent and your rights.

Legal basis: consent

The University of Edinburgh principally uses your information under the legal basis of consent.

When you enter your information in a form, we specify the purpose and future use of this information. By submitting information to a form, you consent for your details to be used according to the purposes stated within each form.

An example of this would be a request to be added to a mailing list (which will be used to send you newsletters and information).

As this information is provided on the basis of consent, you are free to withdraw your consent for such use of your information at any time.

Who do I need to contact to update my preferences?

We also collect some personal information (like the address of your computer) through the use of website cookies. You can set your preferences for these cookies through our cookie consent banner or when viewing some content. You can change these preferences at any time.

Legal basis: contract

The University of Edinburgh may process your information under the legal basis of contract, whereby the processing is necessary for a contract you have with us, or because you have asked us to take specific steps before entering into a contract.

Application and booking forms typically fall into this category wherein you supply your information because you wish to access a particular service or enrol on a course.

General information for individuals

The University Records Management Section has  additional information on how the University of Edinburgh collects, shares or processes personal information about you including:

  • Data controller and contact details

  • Data sharing

  • Data transfers outside the European Economic Area

  • Your rights

  • And how to make a complaint

Additional information on the University's approach to data protection and your rights