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Advertising cookies

We sometimes use tracking pixels that set cookies to assist with delivering online advertising.

Cookies are widely used in online advertising. The University and our advertising partners can’t gain personally identifiable information from these cookies.

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Cookie consent banner

You can give your consent to the setting of advertising cookies or remove it any time by interacting with the University cookie consent banner which is on every page of the University website.

Google Analytics

Google's privacy policy

Opt out of Google Analytics

By opting in to personalised advertisments a slightly higher level of personal data, your IP address, will be shared with Google Analytics.

Name Data stored Purpose Expires
_ga, _gat A random unique number or string of letters and numbers to identify your browser, the times and dates that you interacted with the site recently and the marketing materials or referring pages that led you to the site.

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. ('Google'), to help us see how our website is used. In doing so information about your use of our website, including your IP address, may be transmitted to Google and stored on servers in the United States. The data collected by Google Analytics is used to analyse how frequently the same people revisit the University website, how the website is found (from advertising or referring websites), and which pages are most frequently viewed. This information is combined with data from thousands of other users to create an overall picture of website use, and is never identified individually or personally and is not linked to any other information we store about you.

In addition, we use Google Signals, a feature of Google Analytics, which uses cookies and similar technologies to collect aggregated data about users who have turned on Ads Personalization. This information may include location, search history, YouTube history, and data from sites that partner with Google. Google Signals does not collect any personally identifiable information.
The longest lasting cookie expires 2 years after your last visit to the website. Others are deleted 6 months, 30 minutes and the moment you close your browser.

Remarketing cookies

We sometimes use tracking pixels to assist with our marketing and delivery of online advertising.

By better understanding what our audiences are interested in, we can more efficiently promote the University. For example if you have looked at certain pages on our website we might want to highlight our open days or give information about a particular course to you.

The technology to do this is made possible by cookies and as such we may place a ‘remarketing cookie’ during your visit. We are unable to proactively reach out to you personally as the process is anonymized, but you can opt out of these cookies at any time.


Exponential Privacy Policy

Name Data stored Purpose Expires
ANON_ID Automated system collects “click stream data” related to your visit to the property. Click stream data can include information such as your IP address, device identifier, operating system, browser type and language, content or pages viewed, the date and time at which that content was viewed and any interaction with content and advertisements on those properties. We do not use, store or collect information such as name, email address, telephone number or postal address. The anonymous hashed id in the cookie links the web user's browser to a profile which contains the behaviours the user has displayed. After 3 months

How to control remarketing cookies

The tracking pixels we currently use are for Facebook, Twitter and Google Remarketing.

How to control online ads from Facebook

How to opt out or control preferences of Google Remarketing

How to opt out of Twitter remarketing

Opt out of advertising cookies

You can opt out of almost all advertising cookies by updating your preferences on the ‘Your Online Choices’ website. It is worth noting that opting out of advertising cookies won't stop you seeing adverts, just that they won't be tailored specifically to you.

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