Demonstrating EdWeb

Page elements

There are many features you can use to display your content, and make certain elements stand out.

Text formatting

Various text formatting options are available in EdWeb, including bold text and superscript.


Subheadings can be used to create visual interest and summarise blocks of text. These must be nested correctly.


Lists should form the backbone of your web content. EdWeb offers a variety of available list styles.


EdWeb supports tagging for abbreviations, languages using European scripts and citations.

Standout elements

Standout elements can be used to highlight important information.

Collapsible feature boxes

Collapsible feature boxes allow you to group more content together on a page without overwhelming your visitors. These can be combined to create an accordion effect.


Using links to create an effective user experience and improve search engine performance is key in good web page design.

Social Media sharing buttons

EdWeb allows you to add social media sharing buttons to the pages within your site.

Reusable and media elements

Information on reusable page elements, like videos, and documents, and about images, is available from the relevant section.

Reusable content