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EdWeb, the University's content management system (CMS), enables us to meet ever-evolving trends in technology and user behaviour.

Looking for a new EdWeb site?

What you need to do if you’d like to create a new EdWeb site, or want to move a site into EdWeb.

EdWeb distribution

The EdWeb distribution is a fully functional copy of the EdWeb Central Content Management System (CMS), but allows developers a more flexible approach.

EdWeb Change Advisory Board

The purpose of the EdWeb Change Advisory Board and how to make a change request.


The Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL) is a set of best practice guidelines, explicit style guides and tools that describe design principles to support the University brand.

Demonstrating EdWeb

A site to demonstrate and give good practice advice on the functionality of EdWeb.

New EdWeb site form

Fill in this form if you’d like a new site in EdWeb.

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