University Website Publishing


EdWeb, the University's content management system (CMS), enables us to meet ever-evolving trends in technology and user behaviour.

Looking for a new EdWeb site?

What you need to do if you’d like to create a new EdWeb site, or want to move a site into EdWeb.

EdWeb distribution

The EdWeb distribution is a fully functional copy of the EdWeb Central Content Management System (CMS), but allows developers a more flexible approach.

EdWeb Change Advisory Board

The purpose of the EdWeb Change Advisory Board and how to make a change request.


The Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL) is a set of best practice guidelines, explicit style guides and tools that describe design principles to support the University brand.

About the EdWeb project

Learn about the process and vision behind the EdWeb project which ran from September 2013 until April 2016.

Demonstrating EdWeb

A site to demonstrate and give good practice advice on the functionality of EdWeb.

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