User Experience (UX) service
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Delivering more user-centred products and services provides tangible returns for the University.

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We help align the skills and processes required to make your project more user-focused.

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Learn about the projects we've worked on, the challenges we've tackled and outcomes we've helped achieve.

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We are piloting a standards framework as a means to appraise how digital projects are executed. Our resources can help you adopt human-centred design practices.

Experience mapping

We have established a human centred design process, which ensures user needs are identified, validated and demonstrably met through the course of a project.

Sketching user interface

Learn about the techniques used in UX work from usability testing to experience mapping.

Training sessions

Our 3-day UX and Design Thinking course is made up of 6 modules. Join us for the full course, or we can work with you to design a session just for your team.

Meet the members of our team and learn about our community events.

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