User Experience (UX) service

What we do

We can offer a range of support services from one-off advice through to full involvement in your project team.

What we can do with or for you depends to a great degree on the stage you are at with a project.

Having a conversation with us at the earliest possible opportunity will help you plan for user engagement that fits your timeframe and budget.

How we can help you

We're always happy to discuss your requirements with no charge or obligation.

Informal advice and consultation

We'll provide free initial advice to any University project or service trying to improve the experience of their users. Get in touch so we can discuss what you're trying to achieve, and how involving your target audiences will enhance your activity. This may lead to you taking on UX practices yourself, or bringing us on board to do it for you, or a collaborative approach where you learn as we work together.

We're also here to help you better understand our Human Centred Design Process, and how to comply with Student Digital Experience Standards.

Consultancy and advisory support

We can provide support on regular basis throughout the project (for example a weekly catch up) to help a less-experienced UX practitioner feel confident in the work they are doing and provide advice with any particular challenges they are facing.

Bespoke training and guidance

We empower non-specialists to learn UX techniques while also advancing insight for their project. This approach can be particularly beneficial for a project team in the early stages of working together. Rather than participating in our generic training package, we tailor delivery to suit the group's needs and all practical activities involve scenarios directly feeding into the project's goals.

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Recruitment support

We can support you to bring in UX specialists (University roles, fixed term contractors or agencies) specifically for your project. Not all UX specialists are alike, and we can help you identify the key skills you need to bring in to make your project a success. We work regularly with the agencies used by the University through the Scottish Government IT Recruitment Framework and have connections with many UX and service design businesses in the region.

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Direct involvement in your project

Members of the User Experience Service can get directly involved in your project, playing a role in the team.

Our involvement could be in delivering specific packages of work to support at particular points in the project or operating throughout the project supporting you through the full human centred design process.

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