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Details of user experience training available at the University

Effective Digital Content

Our online course 'Effective Digital Content: Engaging your online audiences' is available to staff on People and Money.

The course covers how to:

  • ensure important content is seen by your audiences 
  • make your content more accessible
  • improve where your content appears in search engine rankings
  • make sure your content meets data protection legislation

This course is for anyone who creates digital content for the  University, whether this is published on internal platforms like Sharepoint or Learn, or on a University website. It can be completed online at your own pace.

Effective Digital Content

Content Design for Web Publishers

Our classroom-based interactive workshop will help you improve the content on your site.

Through a series of collaborative, practical activities, you'll learn how to apply effective digital content design principles to your site.

We'll invite you to put forward a page or section of your site that you'd like to improve. In the session, we'll explore how content design techniques can help you to improve those pages.

Content Design for Web Publishers