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Universal Design

Design principles for any context to increase accessibility

Universal Design is an approach by which it is intended that all products and environments are designed to be usable to the greatest extent by the greatest number.  Adopting a Universal Design approach can lead you to increase the accessibility of your practice, whatever your role.

You can learn more about Universal Design from:

About Universal Design | Centre for Excellence in Universal Design [external website]

Top Ten Tips for Universal Design

Learning technology could be helpful to students and teaching staff, lowering barriers to access, but it has to be used in such a way as not to be an extra burden. These tips have been designed to help you find practical ways to apply the principles of Universal Design to increase accessibility in your practice.

For more information, including specific examples relating to learning technology, join the Learn course 'Increasing the accessibility of your teaching using learning technology' or access the OER  (open educational resource) below.

Training in Universal Design

We offer the self-paced resource Increasing the Accessibility of your Teaching using Learning Technology as an introduction to Universal Design. 

We also offer scheduled training and can offer a bespoke session to suit a specific group of staff or students (request this via IS Helpline).

Open Educational Resource (OER)

We have also created this OER which summarises this advice:

Increasing the accessibility of your teaching using learning technology [Xerte object]