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Nvivo at the university

Edinburgh University units can install Nvivo for windows or mac on site as part of a campus wide site license.

HSS college have provided the finance for the Nvivo site license. This means the software can be installed at the university for use of staff and students, see site license details for restrictions most notably the restriction to work in the UK and Ireland.

Getting Nvivo

University units can get hold of the software using one of the following routes



Most schools or other UoE units should have support staff with access to the software and codes.

Please contact them or IS help services  before installing the software on office computers.    

Online_codes request_form


The Nvivo codes request form (secured) provides codes and download links for current staff and students.

See Nvivo home use article for more details.    

Downloading install images


Media for installation can be downloaded from the QSR support site at:

Codes (see above) are required to activate beyond a trial license.


Windows managed_desktops_


Nvivo is available in the application store of the windows managed desktop for all current staff or student


 Visitors and honorary staff will need to provide written/email confirmation from their university unit that the software is being used for unit/university work. Contact IS help services details with that confirmation to get Nvivo installed on your University-managed computer.