Information Services

Staff & student home use

University Staff and Students are permitted to install Nvivo on personal computers for University work for Mac or Windows.

Getting Nvivo for home use

There are two ways staff and students can get the software:

  1. The software can be downloaded from the QSR web site (requires  Nvivo code )
  2. Alternatively the IT support desk or their school's IT support staff may install Nvivo for them.

Getting the authorisation code

  • New annual codes are available from the IS helpdesk
  • Or request  them using the Nvivo codes request form (secured) (requires ease login).
  • Or the IT support desk or local School IT support should also be able to update codes.

Getting Started guides

Getting started guides can be found at on the QSR customer hub.

Only for use in the UK and Ireland

Please note: Site license copies are for installation on personal computers for University work only for use within UK and Ireland. Use abroad is limited to a maximum of 3 months.  You can no longer use our site license software  outside of UK/ROI for longer than 3 months, you must instead purchase a FULL NVIVO licence directly from QSR.

Personal copies of Nvivo

Any Staff and Students wishing their own personal copies will need to purchase them direct from the publisher, QSR.