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Photocopying and scanning

All Cloud printers also provide copying and scanning.


Please remember: all copying is subject to relevant copyright legislation and licensing

How to photocopy

  1. Swipe your University card on the reader and press 'Copy'.
  2. Place paper on the left-hand-side, alter copying settings and press the Start button.
  3. Ensure you log out to finish.​  

Photocopying for non-University members

Library users with a yellow Visitor card can photocopy, print and scan to email.

Please visit a Library Helpdesk where your card will be authenticated and you can add credit.



There is no charge for scanning documents to email. To do so, please:

  1. Swipe your Uni card on the reader and load your paper into the feeder on top or on the glass of the scanner.
  2. Press 'Email' > 'Add Me', choose settings and press 'Start' to email the documents to yourself.
  3. Ensure you log out to finish.​  

How to scan: Video guide

Please be aware that Scan to Email uses the University Email service which like most email services has to limit the size of an email that can be sent, including any attachments. If you are scanning a large number of pages at one time and use the the maximum quality scan settings you may be find that your scanned job fails to send. No notification of this failure can appear on the MFD's display, but a failure-to-send report will be printed out.

Workarounds are:

  • Scan in smaller batches of pages instead of large numbers of pages at once.
  • Use the default scan settings which will produce smaller PDF attachments


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