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Print and copy costs

Print and copy pricing varies by page size, format (single or double-sided) and whether it is mono or colour.

A4 black & white single side (simplex) 5p per sheet
A4 black & white double side (duplex) 8p per sheet
A4 colour single side (simplex) 30p per sheet
A4 colour double side (duplex) 48p per sheet
A3 black & white single side (simplex) 15p per sheet
A3 black & white double side (duplex) 24p per sheet
A3 colour single side (simplex) 60p per sheet
A3 colour double side (duplex) 96p per sheet

Some labs and uCreate provide special printing options (e.g large poster printing). Prices for these will vary.

The use of Free Quota print credit may not be allowed on some specialist devices (eg poster printing).

There is no charge for scanning.


Page-Level Colour Detection

EdPrint has page-level colour detection enabled. Mono and colour costs are charged on a page-by-page basis. If a page contains any use of colour, colour prices will be applied for that page.

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