Information Services

Email Print

Upload documents to EveryonePrint using an email attachment.

A seperate EveryonePrint registration is required to use this part of the service. Simply send an email containing your document as an attachment to:

Authentication to print by email

If it is your first time at sending an attachment to the 'Email Print' service, you will receive a registration email back initially getting you to confirm the email account from which you are intending to send print jobs.

You can follow the hyperlink in the email and come to the following screen where you can register your email address using your Active Directory username (UUN) and password (i.e. the credentials used when logging onto University computers).

EveryonePrint Email Print Authentication


Unsupported File Attachments

When you send an attachment that is not a supported file type, you will receive an email advising you of this and encouraging you to change the document into one of the supported ones.

Supported file types list on EveryonePrint FAQ