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The Resolution of Organ Injury in Acute Pancreatitis (RESORP) trial seeks to understand why patients with acute pancreatitis either recover or require intensive care.

Acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. 80% of people who have an episode of acute pancreatitis will recover without complications. However 20% will require treatment in high dependency or intensive care for multiple organ dysfunction. It is known that this negatively affects recovery and can have a lasting effect on health although it is incompletely understood what causes this.


RESORP is a single-site study based in Edinburgh and led by Professor Damian Mole. It is funded by the Medical Research Council.

The aim of this study is to recruit 500 patients with acute pancreatitis and to assess them over a 3 year period in order to identify factors which cause organ dysfunction and affect recovery.

Study status

The RESORP recruitment phase ended in May 2020 - the trial is currently in follow-up.


More information about the RESORP trial