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TRAITS - Time Critical Precision Medicine programme

TRAITS is a precision medicine research programme in critically ill adults.

TRAITS - Enabling Precision Medicine for Intensive Care | Treatable Traits | Clinical Trial | Biology

Information about the Clinical Trial

Evaluation of interventions linked to treatable traits in acute critical illness in adults to enable precision medicine: Data enabled Bayesian adaptive platform randomised clinical trial with embedded biological characterisation (TRAITS-CI Trial).

TRAITS is a programme of work which will enable time critical precision medicine to be used in critically ill patients presenting to Intensive Care Units (ICUs).  It will use novel and efficient clinical trial design that can test multiple interventions matched to the individual ICU patient’s biological features. TRAITS is the first precision medicine trial of critically ill patients in the UK.  

TRAITS is funded by the Chief Scientist Office and is recruiting patients from across Scotland. The TRAITS programme is a collaboration between clinicians, methodologists, scientists and patients, with activity coordinated through the trial hub based in IRR.  

TRAITS will open to recruitment in October 2023.  

Contact Information

TRAITS email: traits@ed.ac.uk

TRAITS Twitter: @EdinUni_TRAITS

Chief Investigator: Manu Shankar-Hari

Funded by the Chief Scientist Office (CSO).